Find the best Thai massage spa in Bandung. Here, we believe that there is always a form of Thai & Balinese massage to suit the needs and tastes of our customers. Therefore, we have chosen to provide a variety of treatments for our customers, from Thai foot massage to half body massage to ensure that whichever one our customers choose, they will enjoy their session and come home feeling better. More relaxed, lighter, and better than when they entered. Below is a list of massage services that we offer to our esteemed customers.


There are many benefits of regular treatment for health and beauty. Here’s a menu that you can choose for your needs.




Manicure & Pedicure

The health of the hands and feet needs to be maintained so that they stay healthy and do not cause health problems. In addition, clean and well-maintained nails will also be more beautiful to look at, so they can support your appearance. Here’s a menu that you can choose for your needs


Didin Customer

Travel from Jakarta to Bandung usually stop here. Here we offer cash and digital payments. From the front you have been greeted like a Thai sawadee kaa, welcome to Thai Premier and immediately greeted by the cashier, who is very sweet.

Aura Customer

The place is nice and very private And their massage is sweet and special. Their prices are good for a therapeutic massage, at approximately 350,000

Paul Dinardi Customer

The place is comfortable. The price is ok. N really relaxing. Close to pvj. I tried traditional Thai massage for an hour, it felt less. Maybe 90 min is more relaxing. Want to come back again 👍🏻

Anie Puspieta18 Customer

Relax banget recommended

Nayah Customer

Been here 3x and always satisfied with the service. The massage doesn't cause body aches, all you have to do is ask the therapist how much.....

Mars. id Customer

Very nice ambience, Lovely theraphist.. 😊👍 But i think they need service improvement in their front desk …

Ira Yespy Customer

riendly staff. Clean and they have gardens that neatly manicured. The ambiance is really serene. Also, they give the best massage. 5 star 🌟 …

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